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Bedroom and Bathroom Renovation: How to Make a Big Impact Without Big Spending


Renovations in your home can become pricey, especially once you start making changes to the big things. The bathroom and bedroom are two rooms that often need an update, but they can also be two of the most expensive when you’re looking at flooring, new cabinetry, or countertops. On the other hand, bedding, wall colors, window treatments, and floor coverings are much more budget-friendly and won’t take much time to complete. When you’re looking for ways to change things up, this is the easiest — and most cost-effective — way to go.


Start by doing a little research on the types of items you’d like to focus on. Compare prices online and read reviews to make sure you’re getting the best deal. If you or your partner often have trouble sleeping, it’s a good idea to look for cool, relaxing colors for the bedroom to aid in better rest. If you’re a senior or have mobility issues due to a disability, think of ways you can make the bathroo m safer, such as adding rubber-backed mats to the floor or a grab bar in the shower to prevent falls. Read on to find out more about the best ways to redo a bedroom or bathroom without going too big.


Splash on Some Paint    


Changing the paint color in your bedroom can do much more than improve aesthetics; it can also help you relax and even sleep better. Look for pale greens or blues, and stay away from energetic colors like reds and oranges. If you’re not ready to paint the entire room, consider doing just one accent wall for a pop of color, or paint the trim a bold contrasting shade. This is a unique way to bring some color into the room and will be easy on your budget.


Add Luxurious Details


New bedding and linens can make a huge difference in a room, and you can find great deals online that will match any taste and budget. For your bed, look for soft sheets in breatheable fabric (opt for cotton over polyester), which will help you sleep more comfortably and soundly each night. To make your bedroom even more peaceful on a budget, add an oil diffuser with sleepytime scents like lavender, as well as a noise machine that plays relaxing, nature-inspired sounds to lull you to dreamland and block out ambient noise. In your bathroom, invest in some soft bath sheets, which are bigger than regular towels and will give your bathroom experience a touch of luxury.


Window Coverings


The windows in your bedroom are often a focal point, so it’s a great idea to use long curtains or other treatments that will draw the eye up; this will make the room feel bigger. Thick blackout curtains will keep the sun out of the room in the mornings, allowing you to sleep longer and keep the room cool in the summer. Keep in mind that the drapes don’t have to match your wall color or bedding; they can pick up an accent color or even provide a contrasting color for a pop.


Storage Solutions


Creating elegant storage solutions in both the bedroom and bathroom will allow you to hide your necessities in plain sight and keep things neat and clean. Look for fabric bins, wire baskets, and shelving that will help you stay organized while keeping in sync with your style. This is a great way to keep things put away so they aren’t cluttering up the look of your rooms.


Giving your bedroom and bathroom a makeover can be very costly, but when you focus on the details, it’s much more cost effective and can create a big visual impact. Do some research online before making any final decisions so you can be sure you get exactly what you want.