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Expert Advice for Seniors Moving and Downsizing


Moving to a new place takes a lot of work; it’s more than just packing up your belongings, hiring a mover, and getting settled in your new home. The process should also include downsizing, considering your next housing options, and creating a moving budget.

Planning for Your Move and Beyond

Moving to a new home is something to look forward to, but it’s also expensive. If you know a move is on the horizon, plan well in advance by budgeting and deciding what type of housing arrangement is best, whether that’s a smaller home, a senior community or something else.


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How to Downsize in Every Category

Once you determine your next living arrangement, you’ll know how much space you have to work with. The best time to start downsizing is right now, whether you’re planning to move in a month or five years. Look for ways you can downsize in each area of your life.


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What to Do After Downsizing

Deciding what to keep and get rid of is the hardest part. After sorting through everything, you’ll need to choose where to take your items, whether that’s donating items to charity, putting your stuff in storage, or packing up things to take with you.


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Moving is a long process that includes a lot more than packing up boxes. You’ll want to plan your transition to a new place well in advance so you can secure the housing you want and move in without clutter weighing you down.