Well, if you are the one to take the big decision in your life, the hardest thing is to face in trying to choose the best fit for you, the right home you are looking for, we are here to assist you. We are ready to provide you the best guidance. If you are skeptical about your appropriate home, read this list and go through our website to find your dream home. Just click here: www.boydteam.com. You must have appropriate knowledge about a different type of residential real estate to find your best fit. Read the following types.

Single Family Home

1.    Single Family Home:

This home type is planned and designed for a single family with its single lot. Sometimes, it has a garage attached or detached. If you have a single family, you may choose a 4 bedroom real estate near Myrtle Beach, a place where you will find your sanctuary.

Single-family home is your private world where you can design your dream however you want. You have your personal front space and backyard to freely customize. Since you don’t share the space with anyone else, you have more freedom and privacy. You can design your custom garden, the backyard in your convenient fashion. But, you have to prepare for more maintenance costs as you are the only owner of this home. You need to care about everything plumbing, roofing, and building amenities. Your checklist may become longer sometimes.


2.    Condominium:

Condominium refers to single units within a larger building or community, shortly stated as ‘condos’. Condos share a wall or two and generally come with a homeowners association (HAOs), which require the residents to pay monthly or yearly dues.

In owning Condos you have less responsibly as you share the home with the community. You hardly bear the maintenance cost.

So, you have more relax with this option. Additionally, you may get a gym facility, lounge areas, pools, and others. You might not able to afford the amenities you get in condos. On the other hand, you may have less privacy as you share the property with others. Moreover, you may face obligation and restriction in some cases.

3.    Townhouse:

It is a hybrid option between single-family home and condo in mingling to become one unique. They are generally multiple floors with one or two shared walls, and some have a small yard or rooftop deck.

You enjoy more amenities in this hybrid home than in a single-family home and in condos. Some have HAOs or joint maintenance agreement. You may not have a gym facility or pools though.

4.    Co-op:

The difference between Condo and Cooperative building is: you own a space in a unit in condo whereas in co-op you own the whole building in sharing. Because of the shared responsibility, you may have to face an interview process to become part of the community. This option has less responsibility and cost as those are shared among all. It may bring sometimes unexpected liability if someone among the community fails to pay the mortgage, the liability falls upon the whole community.            

5.    Multi-family-home:

It is essentially the least common type, the best option for those who tend to live and rent, or buy only for rental purposes. If you have a plan for your descendant to closely live, this is the best option for you. Multi-family-home can be a duplex, four-plex; anything more than four units are considered commercial.           

This home type is good fit for those who want to invest in real estate. You may find us as your companion to fulfill your dream. www.boydteam.com.