Advantages of living in a high rise

If you're in the market for a condo, you've probably read your fair share of facts and pieces of advice on what you should be looking for. Although you should focus on these objective qualities, you should also follow your instincts based on your personal preferences. Starting with the type of residential unit you're after, there's a bunch of minor and more significant decisions you'll have to make. Informing yourself about all your options is half the battle. One of the top choices when it comes to residential units is tall buildings. Here's everything you need to know about the advantages of living in a high rise

Living in a high rise feels luxurious

High rises have a way of making people feel like they're staying at a hotel. There's something about these buildings that just breathes luxury. Living in the penthouse of a high-rise building is on every home buyer's wishlist if they are into luxurious spaces. However, even if you're not an owner of an apartment on the top floor, you'll still have the same impression.

Luxurious amenities you'll possibly have access to

Nonetheless, for something to feel luxurious, it needs to possess certain qualities. It's no secret that living in the majority of high rises, especially if they're newly built, comes with quite a few amenities and privileges. Of course, this all varies from case to case, so you'll need to ask your real estate agents whether these apply to the high rise you're looking to live in. Don't take anything as a given. Here are some of the amenities you can potentially look forward to:

  • Rooftop pools where you can relax

  • Cafes with a great assortment of high-quality coffee

  • Well-equipped fitness centers

  • Markets of a high caliber

  • Entertainment rooms with pianos and stacked bars, libraries, and a catering kitchen

  • Ventilation and fresh air

A well-equipped fitness center that you'll be able to use if you decide to live in a high rise. 

One of the most outstanding amenities of high rises is having a gym so close that you can't make up an excuse to miss a workout.

A well-equipped fitness center that you'll be able to use if you decide to live in a high rise.

High rise buildings are more peaceful than regular ones

Even though it doesn't sound very logical, living in high-rise buildings is a great way to get some peace and quiet. There's generally much less noise since the apartments are distributed better than in lower structures. There's also far less congestion you'll need to worry about. You're bound to experience a safer and more secure environment too. This is due to both the fact that you'll be living on a higher floor and that living in high rises often comes with more security.

You'll get to see the most incredible views

There's no way not to mention one of the most obvious but still incredibly mesmerizing parts of living in a high-rise building. Of course, we're talking about the views you'll get to witness every day while living in a high rise. Could you imagine a more romantic place to start your life together with your partner? So, if you want to find a place with your significant other, a sky-high apartment is an excellent option. There's very little that could even come close to the feeling of seeing the skyline of your favorite city in the early morning. Talk about a quick getaway in the middle of an otherwise busy everyday life.

Closer to all the "it" spots

Since high rises are on the more luxurious side of the spectrum, there's a better chance you'll live in near proximity to great high-end places. This means that you'll be close to all the best restaurants and entertainment venues. Whether you like to visit sporting events or go to incredible concerts, you'll be able to do so in style. Buying a condo in a taller building comes with a significant number of incredible benefits, even once you've left the premises of your building.A fancy restaurant that you'll live close to if you purchase a high rise apartment. 

Living in a high-rise building has many benefits, one of which is being close to all the best dining places.

A fancy restaurant that you'll live close to if you purchase a high-rise apartment.

Let there be light

Another truly magical part of a high-rise lifestyle is the brightness that'll be all around you. There are no trees, other buildings, or anything else that'll shelter your building from all the wonderful natural sunlight that should come in. What's more, these taller buildings often have enormous windows that contribute to the brightness. There's no need to hide behind dark curtains since no neighbors are likely to sneak a peek when you're living this high up.

More neighbors = more potential friendships

A significant advantage of being in a high rise is all the people that surround you. If you wish to adapt with ease to a new community, what better way to do it than right inside your building? Even if you're not the most adventurous and extroverted, all the amenities that encourage group activities will make getting to know your fellow residents much easier. Sharing the same space can bring people together.

High rises are much easier to manage than houses

If you've ever lived in a house before, you know how much work it entails. Once you fix one problem, another one pops up like clockwork. There's none of that if you're spending your days in a high rise. You'll not only have people who will fix anything that needs fixing, but there's also much less that requires tending to when compared to a house.

A dog that might not be able to live in a high rise with you since they rarely allow pets. 

Make sure to do your research and see whether the high rise you're planning on living in has a no-pet policy.

A dog that might not be able to live in a high rise with you since they rarely allow pets.

Disadvantages to living in a high rise

  • Moving with pets might be out of the question

If you're relocating with pets, finding a high rise to live in may not be for you. These buildings have a tendency not to allow pets.

  • An apartment in a high rise is tougher to maintain

All the mundane chores that you'll inevitably need to do, such as painting your exterior walls, installing the AC, fixing the leaking pipes, pipelines, and all sorts of other things, will be more challenging if you live in a high rise. This is primarily due to safety concerns rather than anything else.

  • Shared resources 

If you're not a very social being, this could be a potential problem. As stated before, living in a high rise comes with a decent amount of residential interaction. Although some will have a field day with this way of living, not everyone is cut out for it.

Ultimately, while we cannot deny the existence of a few downsides of living in a high rise, the advantages of this lifestyle easily outweigh them. The luxurious feel itself is enough to sell this kind of dwelling even to the pickiest of buyers. So, if you have been considering moving to an apartment in a high-rise building, we say – go for it.

A high rise building that some people live in.

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