The Benefits of Having a Basement


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As you shop for homes, you will find that every home offers a little something different in its lowest levels. Some homes come with a cellar, some come with a concrete slab basement, and some come with a fully finished basement that is ready to become a mancave or family room. Some houses do not come with a basement at all! There are many advantages to having a basement, and the way you use your basement may change significantly throughout the time that you live in the home. This post is going to take a quick look at some of the best benefits of having a basement. If you are in the process of looking for a home and are wondering if a basement is truly necessary for you, this post could be very helpful!



A Lot of Storage Space

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Arguably the most beloved advantage of basements is the large amount of storage space that they provide. If you do not have plans to finish your basement, using it as a storage space is always a great bet. Basements are often just as big as the main floor of the home, providing ample room for you to store the things you may not need throughout the year upstairs. Christmas decorations are the perfect example, as you only use them for a few weeks and need an out-of-the-way place to store them for the other eleven months of the year. In this way, basements help to reduce clutter on the other floors of your home. On top of that, they allow you to keep thing that you otherwise may have gotten rid of due to not having the space to store them.



Stylistic and Functional Flexibility

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Flexibility is another one of the biggest benefits of having a basement. While storage space is great, there is much more that you can do with a basement. An unfinished basement is a blank canvas that you can turn into whatever you want. Whether you want a mancave, a guest suite, a workshop, a living room, an organized storage space, or anything else, buying an unfinished home gives you the ability to decide. Your desires may change over the time that you own the house, and you are easily able to adapt your basement over time to be exactly what you want it to be.



Increased Safety During Emergencies


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Depending on where you are looking to buy a home, natural disasters may be very prevalent. Tornados, hurricanes, blizzards, and earthquakes are all scary events that can post a risk to you and your family. Basements are often the safest place to be in the event of an emergency, as the usual lack of windows, doors, and a roof can help to protect you and your family as much as possible. You do not need a designated safe room in your basement to stay safe – just being in the basement away from any windows is often safer than being on the main level of your home.



Elevated Privacy


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Like we mentioned before, basements often have very few windows and doors, meaning that you can create a space that is free from outside view. This is especially helpful if you want to display valuables, as displaying your collection of expensive items in street view is never a great idea. In addition to having privacy from the outside world, basements can also offer privacy within your home. Basements are the perfect place to create a guest suite or apartment, as they are wholly separated from the rest of the house and often have their own private entrance. You can even rent this suite out to create some additional income while you have less of a need for the space!



Home Value

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Another great benefit of having a basement in your new home is the added value that it brings. While an unfinished basement is nothing more than a concrete slab with cinderblock walls, this space can be transformed into a fully functional living space with comparably little effort. Unfinished basements are not counted in the square footage of a home when it is being sold. Therefore, if you finish the basement while you live in the home, you get to enjoy the benefits of having all of the additional living space while also seeing a great return on the investment you put into finishing costs!


Buying a new home is a very exciting, albeit stressful experience. Trying to find the perfect home is hard, and making decisions about what features you need and do not need is very demanding. Hopefully this post explained clearly that having a basement is often very advantageous as a homeowner. Basements offer different functions to you as a homeowner as the years go by, and the added flexibility you experience is invaluable. Even if you do not think you will need one, you can look at it this way: it is better to have a basement and never need it than to not have a basement and realize a few years into homeownership that you could really use one. You can always leave a basement unfinished, but you cannot dig yourself a new one!


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Written by Greg