25 Tips For Your First Spring Cleaning In Your New Home


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Springtime is in full swing, and there is no better time to give your new home its first deep cleaning! Staying on top of all of your new space can be a daunting task sometimes, and often there are parts of a house that go untouched for years after it is purchased. Think about it; when you bought your first home, were you going around lifting up all of the air vents and rubbing them clean? There are countless places to look when giving your new home its first deep cleaning, and this post is going to try and serve as a reminder to get in all of the nooks and crannies of your home. This post contains a list of 25 tips for your first spring cleaning in your new home, including places that you should remember to clean and some tips for the cleaning itself.


1.     Clean the Insides of Your Cabinets and Drawers


Yes, I know that one of the first things you do when you clean your kitchen is wipe off the exteriors of all of the cabinets and drawers. The kitchen is a place where spills and splashes happen all the time, and you’re bound to be cleaning up mess after mess throughout the year anyway. However, one area that commonly gets overlooked is the interior of the cabinets and drawers. That spilled milk that you’re not supposed to cry over can make its way into the drawers below the counter, you know. That oil that spits up from the frying pan? It can find its way inside the cabinets above your stove.


2.     Remove and Clean Your Floor Vents


No, I am not crazy. Floor vents are one part of a house that rarely, if ever, get cleaned by homeowners. All of the air that they blow out carries dust, and that dust can really build up over time. While this is not necessarily a high priority item, cleaning the dust off of your air vents can improve the air quality in your home, which is especially important for anyone with weaker lungs, like infants and people with lung problems.


3.     Vacuum and Shampoo All of Your Carpets


If you aren’t doing both of these things at least once per year, you’re doing it all wrong. I mean, I hope that you are vacuuming a lot more than once per year, but it is pretty common for people to only shampoo annually. I am a big believer in shampooing your carpets more regularly than just once per year. Have you seen the color of the water that gets sucked up into the shampooer? You might be surprised to learn that the water looks pretty similar whether you shampoo annually, bi-annually, or monthly, as the dirt really does accumulate that quickly.


4.     Sweep and Wet Mop All of Your Hard Floors


Hard Floors are another surface that you are probably cleaning with pretty good regularity already, but giving some extra love to them each spring can only be good. These floors tend to be in the rooms with the dirtiest floors – aka the bathrooms and the kitchen – and deserve a nice steam mopping, if you have one, at least once per year. This helps to rid them of any bacteria that may be accumulating inside, leading to a much healthier home. This is especially important if you have little ones crawling around!


5.     Run a Cleaning Cycle on Your Dishwasher


Did you even know that this was possible? Many dishwashers have a setting that will run and clean an empty dishwasher. Considering that you rely on this appliance to clean the things that you eat with, it probably makes sense to have it as clean as possible from the get go!


6.     Run a Cleaning Cycle on Your Oven


While you’re cleaning the interiors of kitchen appliances, go ahead and let your oven run a cleaning cycle, too. Most ovens these days offer a setting that cleans the interior of the oven by raising it to a very high temperature. When done properly, this is a great way to reduce the risk of a house fire.


7.     Move All of Your Heavy Furniture and Clean Beneath It


Sofas, chairs, beds, dressers, fridges, you name it – they all trap dirt underneath them. While this is less the case with massive appliances like washers and fridges, it does still happen around the edges. Moving these and vacuuming underneath them at least once per year is a good way to stay ahead of the buildup of dust and dirt, and it is good to help your carpet catch a breath of fresh air, too!


8.     Empty Your Fridge and Clean All of the Surfaces Before Refilling It


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This one has two parts. Firstly, just take everything out of the fridge. Everything. This way you can clean all of the surfaces of your fridge properly, as grime and dirt tend to build up from different leaks and spills. Once all of the surfaces have been cleaned and disinfected, start to put things back into the fridge, taking note of expiration dates and disposing of items that are no longer good or you just know will never be consumed.


9.     Pressure Wash Your Home’s Exterior


You may or may not have a pressure washer, but you can rent one from your local hardware store! Pressure washing your home is extremely pleasing as you can just see dirt melt away. You will be surprised how much grime is coating your house! If you pressure wash half of one wall and leave the other half unwashed, you will see very clearly that they are two totally different colors. This is an instant way to improve the look of your home’s exterior.


10.  Check Your Dryer for Lint Buildup


Inside, outside, and in the foil tubing extending from your dryer are all places where lint very commonly builds up. You want to be absolutely certain that you check this item off of the list, as lint buildup is one of the biggest starters of housefires in the United States. Clearing all of the lint out of your dryer and its tubing is crucial to keep your home safe and your dryer functioning properly. The foil hose can be easily detached with just a screwdriver, and it is well worth the effort to check.


11.  Replace the Batteries in Your Smoke Detectors


This one is probably the easiest item on the list. Climb up the step stool and give those batteries the old switcheroo. If your house ever, unfortunately, catches fire, this could save you big time. Also, nobody wants to deal with the annoying beeping that your smoke detector will start to do when the battery is low. Just stay ahead of this one.


12.  Deep Clean Your Microwave


The science behind a microwave is pretty complex, but all of the molecule scrambling that it does to your food ultimately leads to a greasy coating that builds up along the walls and rotating plate of your microwave. Be sure to give all of these surfaces a good cleaning annually to keep your food clean and sanitary. To prevent this grimy buildup, be sure to cover any food you put in the microwave with either a lid or a paper towel…just avoid the aluminum foil!


13.  Hand Wash all of Your Plates, Glassware, and Silverware

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Dishwashers are one of my favorite inventions of our time, but you can’t expect them to be perfect. Once per year, you should take all of your plates, pots, pans, cups, mugs, cookware, and silverware out of the drawers and cabinets and give it all a good, old-fashioned scrubbing. This will help you to stay ahead of the buildup and can ultimately extend the lifespan of each of your cookware items.


14.  Clean and Sanitize all of Your Trash Cans


This one sounds so logical, but how many people actually do it? If you rented a pressure washer to clean your home’s exterior, you can use that to spray out all of your trash cans, too. Trash cans spend the whole year filled with trash, which leads to a gross buildup of dirt and grime that nobody wants to actually take the time to clean. Both interior and exterior trash cans can be cleaned using a pressure washer, and the best part is that you don’t even have to scrub your trash’s grime away with your hands. Just pull the trigger and you will wind up with beautiful, sparkling clean trash cans. 


15.  Use a Magic Eraser to Clean Up any Imperfections on Your Walls


You don’t need to have toddlers drawing on the walls in order to scratch this item off of your list. Smudges, scratches and splashes are all common things that can stain or discolor a wall in your house, and Mr. Clean is there to save the day with their Magic Erasers. These foam erasers only need to be wetted, and can then literally erase stains right off of your walls. You might not believe it until you see it, but you are sure to be wowed.


16.  Dust Off Your Windowsills


Windowsills are a hotbed of dust, bacteria, and pollen. As many people spend significant amounts of time throughout their year with the windows open, pollen and dust tend to build up pretty thickly on windowsills. Taking the time to dust and clean all of your homes’ windowsills is an easy way to improve the air quality in your home, minimize pollen allergy symptoms, and keep things looking spick and span for guests.


17.  Dust Off Your Ceiling Fans


While you are breaking out your feather duster, be sure to dust off all of the blades and surfaces of your ceiling fans, if you have any. Because of some scientific properties, ceiling fans tend to operate as magnets to dust, and the buildup on the blades of ceiling fans can actually get thick and dense. Try to wipe down all of your fans at least once per year to help remove dust from your rooms – especially bedrooms – as dust is a very common allergen and can actually decrease your quality of sleep.


18.  Refill Your Water Softener Salt


This one take a little bit of brute strength, as carrying bags of water softener salt might be a better workout than going to an actual gym. Also, not everyone even has a water softener! If you don’t have one, just skip down to the next checklist item. If you do have one, though, check your salt levels in it. There is usually a minimum and a maximum fill line inside of the salt tank, and you want to make sure that you are above that minimum line. If you aren’t, your water softener probably isn’t doing its job. Who wants hard water?


19.  Sanitize All of Your Kids’ Toys


This one requires a bit of creativity and research, as the last thing you want to do is break or ruin any of your little one’s favorite toys. However, with all of the germs and bacteria that float around our homes, it is a good idea to sanitize all of your children’s toys at least annually. Some of them can be dipped in boiling water, some can be run through the washing machine, some need to be wiped down by hand, and others simply can’t be cleaned. Make sure you do your homework before dropping anything in a pot of boiling water or a laundry machine, as toys are expensive and children don’t tend to understand that their favorite toy melted in the macaroni pot.


20.  Clean All of Your Windows

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Windex brags about its streak-free shine, and they have good reason to! Perfectly clean windows are an extremely attractive and pleasing thing, and they’re pretty easy to get. Tip of the day? Use paper towels to wipe off the windex rather than traditional rags or clothes. Paper towels leave the least dust and offer the best streak-free shine of any material.


21.  Organize Your Fridge and Freezer With Storage Bins


We mentioned that you should clean out your fridge earlier, but when pitting all of your stuff back in, it might be a good idea to organize your fridge’s contents with bins and boxes. Having bins for meats, vegetables, sweets, cheeses, fruits, etc. is a great way to keep better track of what is in your fridge, saving you money while eliminating waste. That, plus it just makes your fridge look really impressive to your friends!


22.  Oil Your Wooden Kitchen Utensils (Including That Nice Cutting Board)


It doesn’t take much time, but it does go a long way. Wooden cutting boards and utensils should never go in the dishwasher, as it dries them out and drastically shortens their life span. Instead, hand wash them, dry them, and lather them in oil to keep them fresh, soft, and ready to cook with. This is especially important for cutting boards.


23.  Grease all of Your Doors’ Hinges


Creaky doors are nobody’s friend – especially if you have a baby and want desperately not to wake them up. Spraying a little WD-40 on each of your doors’ hinges is a quick and easy task, and it makes for squeak-free doors that can be opened and closed silently. This is a small task, but it is easy and worth your while.


24.  Scrub Your Bathroom Appliances (Even the Parts You Can’t See)


This is an obvious one, but I couldn’t finish out this post without including it. Bathrooms are usually the dirtiest rooms in a house, and the grime buildup in bathrooms is particularly gross. Clean the sinks, toilets, showers and tubs well, including the places that you can’t even see. It’s only once per year, and your guests will be sure to notice the sparkling clean toilet base.


25.  Iron Your Linens


Tablecloths and napkins are items that can heavily elevate your dining and hosting experiences, and your curtains are one of your best chances to express your style in almost every room. Nobody likes to see wrinkles in any of these things! Bust out your iron and give all of these items and annual pressing. It helps to keep your home looking sleek, and your dinner guests will surely appreciate your perfectly creased tablecloth. 


Thanks for reading our post with 25 tips for your first spring cleaning in your new home. We hope that these tips help you as you start cleaning your new home for the first time! Owning a home is a large responsibility, but keeping it clean is one of the best ways to maintain your sense of pride in your home. 

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