It doesn’t sound fair though if you tend to take advantage of other’s weakness but the term ‘foreclosure’ is not the byproduct of your intention. You have found in front of you a good deal that you were looking for as a first-time buyer. The person who goes through foreclosure has been already failed to pay his mortgage to the lender and they decided upon the foreclosure to find a solution to the                                                               


unexpected problem. Foreclosure is a legal process and varies from state to state depending on their rules and regulations. The laws and timelines are different as well, so contact the state attorney to get the right procedures. This article will be stating the process of foreclosure and the way you take advantage of it. If you are looking for such an opportunity, you can visit our offers at Myrtle Beach Real Estate


The steps followed in the foreclosure are described below:

1)  Default Notice:

the homeowner will be notified with a notice of default by the lender in a certain period of time after the borrower had failed to pay the mortgage. It will be usually sent to the borrower by a certified mail. The lender will set a period of time for the borrower to pay the required amount past due and return the loan to good standing.


2)  Legal filing:

If the borrower fails to pay off the amount past due before the deadline, the lender can take a legal step against the borrower and take a step to proceed with the foreclosure. There are two types of foreclosures: the judicial-foreclosure and the non-judicial-foreclosure. In Judicial foreclosures, the lender can file a lawsuit in order to get a court order to sell the property legally. This typically happens after 90 days of delinquency. In non-judicial-option, the lender takes the rights from the deeds stated in the mortgage to rightfully sell the property if required.


3)  Notice of Foreclosure Sale:

This is the time the borrower has already missed the date of paying off the due amount in spite of getting the notice from the lender. The process will take 120 days of waiting from a lender and they will send a notice to the borrower of the foreclosure sale. The homeowner will be notified to empty the house immediately or still the borrower has a chance to get back his/her home if the due amount is paid off right then.

Finally, the lender will put the foreclosure property in a public auction and the highest bidder will get the property. If the property is not sold through an auction the lender may buy the


4)  Public sale:

Property with the value based on the amount owed on the mortgage. If the lender takes the property it could be sold in a private sale at a later date. If the borrower delays vacating the house it will be considered unlawful. And the lender may file a case against the borrower to evict.

You, as a home buyer, can benefit from foreclosure due to its less price offer. You may have been the luckiest bidder who will win the game. If you want to get someone trusted and the one you can rely upon, if you are looking for an amazing option from Myrtle Beach Real Estate, you can take our experienced and professional guidelines to fulfill your dream. Contact our experts: Call/Text:   843-222-8566