You probably already know that houses can either be found on city or town blocks, or in specific housing developments. While each type of housing location offers its own perks, housing developments are strongly on the rise. This is largely because towns and cities have reached their natural building capacity and developments are springing up to meet the demand for houses in and around those cities and towns. This post will examine some of the advantages of buying a home in a housing development, and then dive into what exactly an HOA is, as many housing developments require your membership in one.

Living in a housing development, while coming at the expense of some conveniences that may be found by living in town, offers many advantages that new homeowners love to take advantage of. Typically, housing developments are safer than homes located in town, as they are slightly more detached from the hustle and bustle that may occur downtown. Most property crimes are crime of opportunity and distancing yourself even five minutes from downtown can almost entirely remove that risk. Secondly, properties that are located in housing developments tend to offer great lot size, as there is more room to space out the houses as they are being built. On top of that, most houses that are found in housing developments tend to be newer than their counterparts downtown and living in a housing development can even give you the opportunity to design and build your house from the ground up.

 House in Housing Development HOA

The autonomy and empowerment that comes from designing your own home is very alluring for some people, while others prefer to skip the hassle and just buy a home that has already been built. Whatever the case may be for you, just know that both options are possibilities in most housing developments, especially those that are still in progress! Anywhere you are looking to move, whether in our beautiful state of South Carolina or somewhere else, is bound to have options that fit the bill of what you are looking for. Trust us; we help people like you find their dream home every day!

As you work with your realtor to locate your next home, in a housing development, you will probably check out many different communities. After all, you need to make sure that you buy a home in a community that fits your lifestyle and priorities, right? During your search, you are bound to stumble across a housing development that requires your membership in its HOA, or Homeowners Association.

An HOA is basically a non-profit organization that is started by the creator of the housing development to ensure proper upkeep and adherence to the rules within the community. If you move into a community with an HOA, your membership in it will be mandatory, and you will be responsible for paying monthly or yearly membership fees, which typically amount to a couple hundred dollars per month. This money goes to directly fund the upkeep of amenities and public spaces in your housing development, like pools, tennis courts, parking lots, and sidewalks. Without an HOA, most communities would not be able to install or maintain these facilities. As a result, the HOA creates a better and more enjoyable living space for everyone in the community in exchange for a small financial contribution every month.

 New Home in Housing Development HOA

HOAs don’t just maintain pools and tennis courts. They also make sure that residents and visitors are following the rules of the community and keeping everyone safe. For example, HOAs may be responsible for enforcing parking regulations, placing stop signs and speed bumps, organizing a neighborhood watch, and collecting community complaints and feedback to ensure that all of the residents are happy. They may also enforce upkeep regulations, like requiring mowed lawns and replacing boarded up windows. All in all, HOAs tend to be a great asset as a homeowner if you are willing to follow the rules and make your monthly payments.

If you are more of an individualist and don’t love the idea of committing to paying monthly fees to an organization you have no control over, living in an HOA community may not be the best option for you. It is true that living in an HOA community requires you sacrificing a bit of your own autonomy as a homeowner in order to live in a polished community, and for many people, being required to hire an annual lawn service or have a certain color of siding may be too much of a sacrifice to make. That is okay! As a prospective home buyer, you should know that your own preferences and priorities matter, and you should keep searching for a home until you find your perfect match, whether that is in an HOA community, a housing development without an HOA, or a house located downtown. If you do decide to live in a housing development, it is crucial that you find out whether or not the community has an HOA and determine what your monthly or annual membership fees would be, as fitting them into your budget is very important. On that note, if you are looking for help creating a budget to save for your new home, be sure to check out our post on budgeting here.

 Housing Development with HOA

Hopefully this post helped you to understand exactly what an HOA is. After reading this, you should start thinking about whether or not an HOA community is right for you. Again, different people have different preferences, and there is no universal best option; finding your perfect home is all about meeting your own goals and priorities. If you visit Myrtle Beach or any other place in South Carolina and fall in love, reach out to us for help. We at The Boyd Team are always here to help you figure out whether Myrtle Beach is your next home or not, and we are committed to helping you find the right property for your needs and dreams. 

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