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Home Staging Secrets and Mistakes To Avoid


The days when home staging was only an alternative way to market your house are long behind us. Given that real estate markets nowadays are more than competitive, home staging is the best and perhaps the only way to attract a wide range of potential buyers. Although an interior designer's services are typically associated with home renovations after you move into a new home, many people choose to hire one to set up their property for success in the given real estate market. For this reason, we are going to talk about the most important home staging secrets and mistakes to avoid. 

The truth of the matter is that you cannot overlook the importance of a tasteful, appealing home staging if you are looking to sell your property for the best possible price. Hence, you might even consider the option of remodeling your home completely as your ticket to scoring a great sale. 

Most people imagine this process to be as straightforward as going through the phases of decluttering your home, moving out your furniture, remodeling, and finally, staging your home. For this reason, we must take a look at some common misconceptions about home staging so that you can make the right moves in the process of selling your home.

Do not over-personalize the interior of your home

When the time comes for you to list your home for sale, you should look around the property for any remaining traces of your personal touch or aesthetic. Why? As much as you might be confident that your interior design preferences are universally appealing, in reality, this might not be so. 

Essentially, there is a reason why people tend to hire interior designers for the purposes of home staging. Interior designers are keenly aware of all trends that are incumbent either in the given year or region. Furthermore, a good interior designer will be able to draw your attention to some elements of your home that might not slide well with potential home buyers. 

If you intend to stage your home, your interior should:

  • Have sleek, clean lines

  • Exude a welcoming vibe

  • Be devoid of any personal touches

Finally, consider that potential homebuyers may not know exactly what they like, but they certainly know what they do not like. This means that it is best to keep your interior decor as simple, that is, as depersonalized as possible.

The interior of your home should be as neutral as possible.

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Save money by staging with inexpensive decor

This is perhaps one of the most seller-friendly home staging secrets out there. As we mentioned, the purpose of home staging is to give the buyers a glimpse into what it is like to live inside your home. In light of this, it is not that important to splurge on furniture, especially since you are looking to earn as much money as you can, rather than waste it. 

However, inexpensive does not mean you should settle for cheap-looking furniture and appliances. Some balance between the two should be found, which is why the best solution is to decorate your home in a minimalistic, modern manner since it is universally appealing to the eye.

Simple details or changes can do a lot for the appearance of your staged home.

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Staging your home fast is not the same as over-staging

You might be in a rush to list your home for sale, with the chores and responsibilities regarding moving to a new home and the possible large-scale remodeling that comes after that. However, you should be careful not to 'overstage' your home. What does this mean exactly?

Well, sometimes sellers make the mistake of leaving behind their old furniture and decoration and repurposing it for the home staging. For example, throwing your old pillows on the furniture might seem like a good idea. You might be inclined to put an artificial scent or air-freshener to create a particular atmosphere. Finally, you might be convinced that your staged home gives off a chic or nonchalant vibe.

The decoration inside your staged home should be tasteful and simple. 

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However, this is a typical case of observing a situation from the wrong perspective. It is better to earn some money by selling your old stuff, rather than repurposing it and making your home appear overstaged or even messy.

We suggest you organize a yard sale where you can get rid of your belongings that do not fit your staged home's decorative framework. Furthermore, before you start packing your belongings for the move, a yard sale is a great way to declutter your home. So, not only will you earn some money, but you will also make the process of moving out and staging your home so much easier and quicker.

Home staging isn’t all about major home renovations

As we said, home staging should not cost you too much money, especially since you have to plan out your relocation as well as this home staging. Of course, choosing professionals is always a smart move when it comes to moving house, just as it is when it comes to major home renovations.

So, be as prudent as you can be when you are investing your money. This means it is best if you choose to spend money on those renovations that can update your house's look for the least amount of money.

Sometimes minor changes such as replacing the kitchen faucet, door handles, or light fixtures might do a lot for the overall impression your home leaves on the observer. You can also rely on simple, appealing decorative items to bring out the best of your property. Even though significant renovations might be necessary in some cases, one of the biggest home staging secrets is that it is essential not to neglect 'simpler' factors such as your home's cleanliness.


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