How to Create the Vacation Rental of Your Dreams


There are no guarantees when it comes to venturing into the rental business, but there are ways you can stack the odds in your favor. By knowing the market and prepping yourself for success, you stand a better chance of owning an attractive and lucrative property. Before you jump in unprepared, read up on what you can do to succeed.


Paint for Impact


When the guest first enters the property, we want them to feel relaxed, at ease, and impressed. We can manage this in many ways, one of which is how we paint or otherwise color code our rooms. When you are familiar with how color can affect mood, you can harness it to have maximum impact on your home and guests. For example, soft colors such as lavender or blue are relaxing and don’t belong in places where you want to encourage alertness or excitement, such as the dining room. Similarly, energizing hues like reds and oranges should not go in the bedroom, as they can prevent sleep. Ensure you have a balanced color scheme to prevent a single hue from becoming overwhelming and to keep your rental feeling pleasant.


Think Beyond Basic


What stands out to you the most when you think of a luxury hotel? Is it the plush towels, the crisp and clean sheets, or how the furniture is multifunctional and attractive? If not, it really ought to be, as people will be looking for these features. Don’t hang discount towels in the bathroom or use the lowest thread count for your sheets and expect guests not to notice. Master the basics mentioned above as well as amenities other rental properties might overlook, like technology. Adding a television, computer, or streaming service may offer the edge you need to seal bookings and provide a good return on investment.


Upgrade Your Exterior


Part of your rental’s appeal will be how the exterior looks. You want guests to have an excellent first impression, and you can achieve this the moment they arrive. That doesn’t mean you need to labor away every week doing basic maintenance, but you should at the very least keep the landscape tidy and pristine. If the weather permits, you can convert a large portion of a backyard into a social area by utilizing furniture and a place to eat in the garden. Stone walkways and mulch look nice and require little effort to maintain. Also, plant flowers around your property that need little tending. However, put in enough consideration into your aesthetics to ensure high ratings and to have guests fall in love and come back.


Advertise Well


Of course, it’s easy nowadays to post listings on a website like Airbnb and think you’ve got your bases covered, but a successful rental takes dedication. Think beyond a single platform and invest your time in ensuring that each listing does your property justice. That means hiring someone to create banners and a photographer to take quality photographs that show off your rental to its full potential. Not only do professionals have high-grade equipment, but they also know angles and lighting better than most of us. Yes, many smartphones are equipped with reasonable cameras, but the standard of photos they produce pale in comparison to those of a professional. So, put your best foot forward by hiring support whenever needed.


It truly may come down to what little extras you offer to get those bookings. No detail is too small to have your rental be as inviting as possible. After all, you want to inspire repeat bookings and positive reviews to make your revenue last.


Image courtesy of Pixabay