Farm House in Myrtle BeachWell, you have the utmost care for your descendants as you are looking for a house with lands, a big salutation for your concern. Just consider a few things before you step forward:

1.      Consider your family size, the number of people you have in your family.

2.      What type of neighborhood you would prefer.

3.      Save for your down payments if you depend on the mortgage.

4.      You need a good calculation for your affordability.

5.      Compare the loan lenders not to fall in a trap. 

And get prequalified then go on.                        


To illustrate in detail: your first concern should be the location you choose because you may change the amenities as you desire but you can’t change the location whenever you want. If it is near you then what to worry as you are accustomed to everything there. Your belongings will be along with you while shifting to the new home.

Then, among the outdoor amenities, you must worry about healthcare, markets, schools, and playground. You should keep in mind that the property you choose is easily accessible by road and not very far away from the school of your kid.

You may have an account on security factors that the crime rate in the neighborhood is very low if not nil. Also, ensure the house receives proper air and natural light. Check possible cracks on the walls and ceiling. You should pay attention to your kitchen fixture and bathrooms. Consider if the house is a luxurious one, quality appliances, gardening space, a swimming pool will be on your consideration list.


Now, try to be more precise on checking the following factors:

  •  Interior layout must be on your checklist considering the indoor-outdoor flow, the floor plan if they are in perfect condition.
  • You should consider the driveway, street parking, architectural detail, staircase length, and steepness, heating or cooling system, etc.                                                           
  •      Buying a home with land is a great idea of the course as not taking the pain of signing two contracts separately. You can simplify building your custom home. You have the option to tick the two boxes together.

House with Land

If you are looking for a farmhouse near you, then you are a selected one.

You want to grab both tradition and modernity together as American farmhouse nowadays reflects both terms mentioned above. The growing appeal of modern farmhouses among the people has affected you. You want your dream to come into reality.

Well, keep the following things to your consider list: 

  • The house is designed for the practicality of farmhouse living.
  •  Straightforward and simple floor plans
  •          Welcoming porches, useful as the indoor-outdoor transition area       
  •          End roofs with side gables deeply pitched
  •          Sociable formal receiving room in the entrance
  •    Fireplaces as the centerpiece of the household         

So, you are going to be in an amazing refuge from the chaos. The farm houses near Myrtle Beach give you extra advantages to go for a golf course among many, if you are interested in fishing and swimming and so on. Your paradise is there to enjoy and have fun.

Since you are a picky one, let’s introduce some of the early histories of Myrtle Beach if you are not bored yet.

The first inhabitants were Waccamaw and Winyah Indians, who named the region Chicora meaning the land’ king’s highway a major thoroughfare through Myrtle Beach area began as an Indian trail long before the European settled along the Grand Strand. Later this trail became the route from a northern state to Charleston and Savannah. This is the oldest and elusive story of Myrtle Beach. Spaniard Lucas Vasquez de Allyon, a European explorer settled the first colony in North America here in 1526 but unfortunately, that inhabitant vanished within a year due to diseases.

Later, a new chapter opened with the settlements of English colonists.


Initial developments began by the time 1900’s when the Seaside Inn, the first oceanfront hotel was established and the location had been selected as a resort.                                                                                                       

A group of businessmen began building an upscale resort called Arcady in 1920, at the north end of the community as further development and expansion of Myrtle Beach. Arcady feathered the present Pine Lakes International County Club –home of Strand’s first golf club.


In 1954 hurricane Hazel demolished the buildings and trees along the grand strand paving the path of new and modern reconstruction. During the time 1960s, a golf boom began, with new courses being built each year.

During the time 1970s, new construction in the area topped 75 million dollars and the permanent residents tripled. The Grand Strand currently attracts over 14 million visitors and thousands of new residents in this area each year.

Now, let’s introduce to some of the real state statistics at Myrtle Beach and the future:

There are currently 233 properties in Myrtle Beach, SC that is in some stage of foreclosure (default, auction or bank owned) while the number of homes listed for sale on realty trace is 2090. In April the number of properties that received a foreclosure filing in Myrtle Beach, SC was 20% lower than the previous month and 48% higher than the same time last year.

Home sale for March 2019 was up 0% compared with the previous month, and up 0% compared with a year ago.

The future is bright here in Myrtle Beach as the growing people are rapidly flocking from the other parts. The lure of a warmer climate, less expensive real state, lower taxes and more reasonable cost of living are all magnets to pull flock from northern climes.

In the 1990s the population was about 195,000 which has grown to about 449,295 now, which is expected to leap about 639,000 by 2027, a 130% rate of growth.

That is sure, good news for a tourist-based economy with a large seasonal workforce.

You simply understand now what the future is next to you waving and waiting.

Well, a farmhouse is your concern; don’t forget to settle your little coffee table and few chairs somewhere in front of your house and enlighten the areas around as well to enjoy your night being in your loving home.      

Lots of options are waiting for you in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and choosing the right realtors can help you in finding the perfect area and the right home for you and your family and make your dream a reality!  Let us help you in making one of the biggest, if not the biggest, decisions in your life.


We were both born and raised along the Grand Strand and know the entire Horry County, so no matter what style of home you are looking for or what area you prefer, we can help you!  Please give us a call and let us help you make your dream a reality!  843-222-8566