How to Overcome Obstacles When Converting Garage Space into a Home Office


Dreaming of turning your garage into a more useful home office space? Your garage can be a perfect location for a functional, productive office, complete with internet access and everything else you’ll need. Not only do you get some privacy from other people in your home, but you also get more use out of this area of your home. So how can you complete this conversion without running into issues? Well, proper planning always helps, but these tips can also help you tackle some common problems with garage-to-office conversions.


Your Home Doesn’t Have a Garage

Okay, so if you don’t already have a garage or some extra space in your home, you may be tempted to stop reading this post altogether. Don’t leave just yet, though, because you can always add extra space to your home with an easy-to-assemble building! Building an office out of convenient materials can be pretty simple, but you need to figure out which option will work best for your needs. As far as steel vs. wood goes, think about how long you want your new office structure to last and what sort of environmental factors will impact that longevity. While wood may be cheaper than steel in some cases, wood quality, insect populations, and humidity levels can all reduce the life of your wood building. So if you want the best value for your money when building a new home office outside, opting for a steel building may be best.


Your Garage Isn’t Set Up for Internet

How can you have the internet in your newly converted garage without paying for extra equipment and installation costs? Well, you could always install a mobile hotspot. A dedicated global modem or jetpack can provide fast, reliable web access in your new office, but you can also take your new device with you to work wherever there is a decent cell phone signal. To open up more possibilities for your mobile workflow, you should look for a wireless carrier with the most extensive coverage throughout the country. In addition to extensive coverage, the network speed can make a difference as well, so see how various networks stack up when it comes to these internet features. One more tip to keep in mind as you set up a wireless connection in your new home workspace is that many older desktops are not equipped to access wireless internet. So if you’re still working with an old computer, you may want to invest in a new laptop as well.


Your Garage Is Full of Clutter and Junk

If you’re like most people, your garage stores more clutter than it does cars or tools. Keeping clutter in any area of your home can lead to more stress and possible safety concerns, so whether you plan on converting your garage or not, think about clearing clutter out. Block off plenty of time in your schedule for this task, especially if your garage is filled with random items and boxes. Also, give yourself enough space to really sort through all of those belongings and set aside anything that may be difficult to get rid of right away. If you have some seasonal decor, family heirlooms, or sports equipment that you don’t want to toss out, but you don’t want to keep in your garage, having a separate building on the property can provide some much-needed storage space. If you don’t need much room to store your garage contents or other clutter in your home, you can also use any leftover space in your new shed for more creative purposes.


Taking your garage from an underutilized to a fully functional home office doesn’t have to be a hassle. There are always simple solutions to help you complete this sort of project with less effort and expense. So do your homework while planning your garage conversion project, and be sure to keep the tips above in mind as you set up your new home workspace.


Photo Credit: Unsplash