The Lighthouse Road Trip On The South Carolina Coast That’s Dreamily Beautiful

We’ve put together an Only In South Carolina signature road trip of the amazing lights in the Palmetto State. Prepare for a road trip that includes a lighthouse that’s shaped like a triangle and a light that’s basically a cast-iron monopole.

The trip along the coast of South Carolina explores eight lighthouses, some upclose and others from afar. The total drive time is just over six hours and includes some of the most picturesque roads in the Lowcountry. Three of these lights, the first three, are only accessible by boat and we’ve given you the info you’ll need for the ferrys and services that take you to them. You can, of course, choose to skip those if time doesn’t allow. Here’s a link to the Google Map with all the locations you’ll need, in a pre-routed trip. Buckle up and enjoy this road trip through South Carolina!

Gas up the car and hit the road. This is one road trip you don’t want to miss! You’ll travel over some of the most beautiful Lowcountry roads lined with huge oak trees and hanging Spanish moss. And you’ll see the amazing and unique lights of South Carolina.