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Looking For a Business Venture in Retirement? Here Are Expert Tips for Starting Your Own House Flipping Business


House flipping can be an incredibly lucrative and educational endeavor. Taking a home that is a bit run down and transforming it into someone’s dream home is a highly rewarding but work-intensive process. For those who’ve always thought that they’d enjoy this kind of real estate investing, retirement can often be the perfect time to launch your own house flipping business.


Unsure where to get started? The Boyd Team shares top strategies for becoming an expert house-flipper during your retirement years.


Work with a professional team to find the best properties at the best prices.


If you are reading this post, chances are that you have little to no real estate experience. This is totally fine! Although it is nice to have, no formal training is needed to begin house flipping. However, in these instances, it is crucial to have an expert team on your side that has logged years of industry experience.


If you’re launching your venture in Myrtle Beach, lean on the expertise of The Boyd Team. With years of real estate know-how, we can guide you to the best properties at the best prices. We’ll let you know which homes are a bargain and which ones to skip so that you can maximize profits. In the house flipping business, having a trustworthy ally is an absolute must.


Decide how to finance your business/home purchases.


You’ll need to determine how you will finance both your business expenses and the purchase of each home. You can do this in several ways. First, if your financial advisor gives you the green light, you can pull funding from your retirement savings. This will eliminate the need to apply for a loan and is the ideal situation. However, if this is not an option for you, you will need to create a business plan to present to possible investors and/or lenders. Begin researching what documents are needed for a business plan, as well as for applying for a home loan in retirement.


Build an effective marketing plan.


Marketing has always been central to the success of businesses across industries. The same will be true for your new venture. To spread the word about your new business and the houses you’re putting on the market, you will need to build an effective marketing plan.


Again, if you aren’t a marketing pro, not to worry! Hiring experienced freelancers who specialize in a variety of areas is easier than ever before. One example of a project you’ll need to outsource is logo design. As you review online freelancer profiles, costs, and estimated timelines on online job boards, you’ll be able to select the individual who will create the best logo design for your business.


Hire experienced employees and contractors to make your business a success.


Trying to run your house-flipping business all by yourself is a recipe for disaster. When budgeting your business expenses, be sure to include room for hiring experienced professionals who know the industry. These include drywall experts, interior designers, plumbers, electricians, and a renovations team. 


While it is ideal to get involved where your talents permit, it is even more important to do each job right the first time. As home buyers purchase your flipped homes and realize the level of quality you’ve put into each property, you will quickly become a trusted name in the industry.


Although it involves a lot of work and learning, many individuals have found house flipping to be profitable and thrilling work. If you’d like to begin exploring properties that have flipping potential, reach out to The Boyd Team to get started.

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