More Americans Are Moving South

December 6, 2018


Americans who are moving out of state tend to be heading south, according to a new analysis by LendingTree, a loan information source. Researchers analyzed more than 2 million new purchase mortgage loans to see where people are moving to and from.


More Americans moving south

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Florida is the winning destination, according to the analysis. It was the top destination for movers who were relocating out of state in 15 out of the 50 states. Consumers like to move to Texas, but some also move within the state: Texas had the highest percentage of residents looking to move while remaining within state lines. Texas is also one of the top destinations for people relocating from other states.

Alaska was the state that had the most residents looking to move away. The study found the top destination for those leaving Alaska is Washington state.

Many Americans who do move out of state don’t tend to go that far. More than half of the most popular relocation states border the person’s current state.