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Moving to South Carolina with Kids - How to Prepare

Moving is stressful enough as it is. However, you will find that relocating to South Carolina with kids, or, well, moving anywhere with kids, is a whole new level of stress. This is why advanced knowledge of how to tackle the task is invaluable. To help, we have composed a guide on moving to South Carolina with kids – how to prepare! 


Spend time with your kids

The first thing you should know about preparing to move to South Carolina with kids is that you cannot ignore them during the prep process. It is only natural that relocating to another state would be stressful. However, if it is stressful for you, it would likely be ten times more stressful for your kids. Even when they are too small to understand what is happening, kids are frightfully good at picking up on emotions. If you are obviously anxious or angry, they will feel upset. And without knowing why, they would likely feel overwhelmed. This is why you always need to take the time to hang out with them a bit. It would also be wise to explain what's going on, even if you think they'd find it upsetting. Just springing a move on them would be much worse.


Introduce your kids to their new home ahead of time

Part of what makes moving to South Carolina with kids so stressful is that they have a sense of trepidation. And that is perfectly normal since their entire lives are about to change, and they don't know how it will turn out. For this reason, once you have bought a home there, it is smart to introduce your kids to it. And if you are moving to South Carolina for work, you can take the opportunity to find many opportunities here while visiting in person! Even if you don't have enough free time to make a trip in person, you have options. It is still possible to get your kids excited about their new home through pictures, videos, or an online tour.


Let your kids properly part from their old home

You do not want your kids to leave their old home with regrets! Even if you are still looking for the home of your dreams, you need to take the time out to let them part with their home the right way. There are two sides to this process. First, you need to take the time to visit all the fun locations in your current home. Think about all the trips and weekend visits you were always planning and maybe even promising while delaying them. Even you, yourself, would likely feel reluctant to leave before properly having fun there! The second part of the process is parting with friends and family in your old town. It is not like you can't stay in touch with them. But for a child, a separation like that likely seems irreversibly permanent. 

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Make sure your kids always have something to distract them

Kids need to be active and have something to do constantly. They either turn into adorable little nuisances or worry themselves sick if they don't. So, according to the moving professionals associated with the Best Cross Country Movers database and what they've seen, it is crucial to keep kids occupied. How can you do this? Well, there are several different ways to achieve this. First, of course, you can try to rope them into helping you with the move. You can frame it as a game and let them handle small, light items or packages. Of course, you can always take the easier way out and distract them with an actual game. Handheld consoles are widely available, and kids love them. Or, if your kid prefers reading as entertainment, then all you need to do is find them a quiet corner. 

Caption: If they are doing something they enjoy, your kids are less likely to get into trouble!

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Plan out fun activities for the future

After moving to South Carolina with kids, one of the most critical challenges you will face is getting them to love their new home. You need to show them that their new state is a beautiful and fun place to live. If you do, it will hasten the process of getting settled and help them get over the sadness of leaving their old home. Thankfully, the cost of living is low in South Carolina in general, including the cost of entertainment! So, you will not need to worry too much about your wallet while engaging in fun activities with your kids. Here's a recommendation of a few exciting places you could visit!


Greenville Zoo

Making its home in Greenville with over two hundred interesting and exotic animals to show off is Greenville zoo. The zoo also offers Safari Adventure packs with plenty of intriguing activities that provide fun and educational elements. It even features child-friendly programs and summer camps!

Caption: Zoos are some of the best locations to visit since they are both fun and educational!

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Children’s Museum of the Upstate

With facilities in both Greenville and nature, your kids will either be able to find imagination-sparking exhibits or engage in all kinds of outdoor activities. The camps the Museum organizes let the kids play outside and get all the physical activity they need. 


Secret Food Tour

A fun thing to do in Charleston, the Secret Food Tour will reveal all of the city’s best eateries and unique culinary offerings. It is a filling adventure, and, if you are moving to this particular city, a fantastic way to get to know your new home.


Hollywild Animal Park

Located in Wellford, this zoo is even larger than Greenville’s. The park has over five hundred animals and some rather lovely scenery to enjoy. Interestingly enough, this park started as a collection of farm animals before becoming a zoo.


Family Kingdom Amusement Park

This amusement park is a must-visit location for families with kids in Myrtle Beach. With over ten acres of property, this park has more than enough rides and attractions for every family member to find something they enjoy!


Final word

Now that you have gone through our guide on how to prepare for moving to South Carolina with kids, you should be ready for what is to come. All you need to do now is approach the challenges you will face with poise and make plenty of time for your kids.


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