Open the window wide, look outside, take a deep breath and inhale the fresh oxygen. How do you feel when the breeze comes across and touches your skin softly? You must feel relaxed, isn’t it? But, don’t sleep now! Because you are going to buy a house near Myrtle Beach and you have to be excited by now. We appreciate your excitement and welcome you to our compassionate boydteam who will take care of you, guide your positive excitement through the right path. To the path where you will end up successfully, buying a great house according to your choice.

A little interruption:                                                                                                                                                      

Now, I didn’t forget that you were inhaling fresh oxygen and I don’t have the intention to bother you at all, moreover I can offer you a coffee that will add value to your relaxation. Hold a moment, please! I am going to tell you something important: well, it’s not possible for someone to consider everything at a glance regarding the decision of buying a house. So, for the time being, I want to tell you something about the importance of windows for a house as I see you love to spend your time with windows in your spare time, and it is a good choice indeed.

Windows efficiencies and types:

It is not unknown to anybody that every house needs windows. It provides natural lights, warmth, and ventilation into the house. Windows bring a great look to any house depending on the budget, preferences, and situation. In terms of replacements or new constructions of windows, there are many considerations to take along with the knowledge of frame materials, glazing options, and energy efficiencies.  

These are all important elements to consider. Besides, it’s important for you to know about different types of windows and their basic operating styles, advantages and disadvantages.

You are curious a little bit now, right?  

Ok, let me tell you some of the names of windows and their common benefits:            

•    Double-hung windows

•    Double-hung with muntins

•    Casement windows         

•    Awning windows

•    Slider windows

•    Fixed windows

•    Roof windows or skylights

•    Bay or bow windows

•    Glassdoor windows


The “Double-hung window” is not an official name though, you know it by its common features with two large frame units surrounding glass that slide up and down on the track. This type of windows is commonly used in traditional houses and often in traditional modern houses.      

Double Hung Window-Myrtle beach real estate                             

“Double-hung with muntins” is the simple variation of double-hung windows in which the larger sashes are subdivided into smaller panes within the larger frames, using a grid of horizontal and vertical muntins. This type may suit those who like a colonial style of windows.     

Casement window-Myrtle beach real estate

 “Casement window” refers to the style which cranks open horizontally on hinges mounted on one side at the top and bottom, one side remains stationary, while the other side of the window pivots open like a door. This type is basically used in modern style houses.     

Awning Window-Myrtle beach real estate

“Awning windows” are almost similar to the casement windows and they are used frequently in low-level windows where intruders might be a problem or in a wet climate where you want to open the window in the time of reining.  

Slider Window-Myrtle beach real estate

“Slider windows” are mechanically quite simple, consisting of side-by-side windows that slide horizontally along the top and bottom tracks. This type is popular in mid-century modern home styles.         Fixed Window-Myrtle beach real estate                                                                                                                                                              

 “Fixed windows” type is a little bit different from other flexible types as they are fixed glass pane within a window frame that does not open or close. It is used to provide views or lights and where it doesn’t need ventilation or egress.        

Roof Window-Myrtle beach real estate

“Roof windows or skylights” refer to the type which is installed in the roofline while a roof window refers to a similar window that can be closed and opened. These are commonly used for introducing light into attic spaces or upstairs.     Bay Window-Myrtle beach real estate                                                                                                                                     

“Bay or bow windows” are the combinations of windows that together form a unit that together extends towards the wall surface of the house. It is used as a visual centerpiece in a large living room.      

Glassdoor Window-Myrtle beach real estate

“Glassdoor windows” refers to the fixed windows made with architectural glass blocks, usually mortared in a place. These types are most commonly used in bathrooms or other spaces where you want to introduce lights.

Alright, are you still there, awake! Listening to me? Yes, you are, as I see. Now, you are pretty familiar with the common types of windows.

Decide now, which type fits your best. We are here to tell you more in detail about your dream home at Myrtle Beach real estate.

I see you yawning. Go to sleep now…see you at our office.