Real Estate Tips for First-Time Home Sellers

Spring is usually the time when sellers start putting those 'For Sale' signs in their yards. And, if you plan on selling your home for the first time, take advantage of this upcoming winter period to prepare for the spring sale. You are probably wondering why you need so much time to sell your home, right? Well, let us tell you that the home-selling process is harder than it seems. You need to find that perfect real estate agent, to decide on the competitive price, and of course, to prepare and 'dress up' your home for sale. All of that will require a lot of time, energy, and money. So, better start thinking about selling as early as possible. Only then will you be able to sell your home for the highest possible price and to the best possible buyers. Thus, if this may interest you, here are some real estate tips for first-time home sellers. Keep on reading.

Know How to Price Your Home

Pricing your home is something you must do correctly. Otherwise, you will either lose a lot of money or never sell your home at all. Thus, a couple of months before you plan on listing your home, think about how much your home is worth. However, do not let your emotions dictate the price! That can do more damage than good. Instead, research the comparable sales, or comps. They will help you determine the right price of your home, depending on other homes (and their amenities)  in your neighborhood. Be sure to research everything thoroughly before you set your price.

If, however, this seems too hard for you, do not worry. There is a solution. You can easily hire help! There is nothing wrong with asking a professional agent to help you out, especially if this is your first time selling a home. After all, this is why real estate agents are there for. Another tip of advice - look for a local real estate agent as he/she knows the market well.

Choose the Right Date for Selling Your Home

Dates play a vital role when selling (and buying) a home! As mentioned in the beginning, spring is usually the best time for it. This is when most people are on the search for their new home; thus, that will be your opportunity to sell your house fast and for the best possible price. Moreover, sometimes even choosing the right season is not enough; you need the right month! According to recent research, most homes are sold at the beginning of April! Of course, dates may vary from location to location, so, once again, do your research ahead of time and chose the right date. 

You may be in a hurry in some situations because your job is waiting for you, your child's school is starting, or maybe even because you are opting for a larger space due to some pressing circumstances. Those are all legitimate reasons that can not wait till spring. If you find yourself in a similar situation, at least make sure to choose the right day for listing and showing your home. It should be a weekend day and a day that is not a holiday! 

Stage Your Home Properly 

By now, you should have decided on the right date for selling your home. If you have, then start staging your home. That is, prepare your home for showings and open-house events. This, too, is harder than it seems. Why? Well, because you can not merely let the potential buyer in your home without making any changes first. Certain rules must be followed, and certain home staging mistakes must be avoided if you want to reach that best possible price in the shortest amount of time. 

For example, when staging, you should remove all your personal items out of the way. Potential buyers want to envision themselves living in that home, not imagine you living there. Then, make sure your home is thoroughly clean and well lit up as well. If possible, remove all the pieces of furniture that crowd the space too much as well. 

There are many other things you can do to stage your home correctly. So, again, do your research or hire a real estate agent before you let the buyers in! 

Remodel and Redecorate 

Of course, there is a chance you can sell your home as-is. But, be sure that that will not guarantee the best possible price. Quite the contrary! If your home is a wreck, its price will be tremendously reduced even though it is in good condition. When we say a wreck, we mean stained walls, dirty carpets, cluttered garages, attics, basements, etc. It would be a shame to lose a lot of money when selling your home when you can simply remodel a bit. 

The most important things to remodel when selling a home are the kitchen and the bathroom. Those two rooms are of high importance to all potential buyers visiting your interior. Yes, renovating these might be a significant investment, but be sure that that money will come back once you sell your home. 

Moreover, be sure to relocate as well! Paint the walls in something neutral. Remove the old and the stained carpets and replace them with new ones. Replace the broken furniture too! You can also add some nice lighting fixtures, plants, candles, and anything that make your home more 'homey.' Finally, remove the home odors and make sure everything is sparkling clean. 

The Bottom Line 

There are many reasons why one may decide to sell his/her home and move to another one. But, whatever the reason may be, make an effort to prepare for the upcoming sale. You will be surprised at how much the price can increase just by following all the tips from above. So, to summarize - check out the comps and price your home adequately, then do some research and find out when is the best possible time to sell your home, and finally, renovate and redecorate so that you can stage your home well. As mentioned many times before, since you are a first-time home seller, do not hesitate to find some help. There are many local real estate agents near you; you just have to look. 

Courtesy of: Sophia Perry