Simple winter home makeover ideas

Most people spend more time at home in the winter - some celebrate Christmas, some take a well-deserved break from work, and some simply cannot stand the cold outside. So, it is natural that you may wish to decorate your home to be as warm and jolly as your wintertime holiday heart is. If you want to decorate your home this year more (and perhaps better) than you are usually in the habit of doing, these simple winter home makeover ideas should inspire you to do so.

You can get your family members and friends together for a day of cookie-eating and home decorating. The key ‘guideline’ to decorating your home in a fun and tasteful way is to choose your seasonal color scheme and stick to it. Also, you want to have multiple rich layers and interesting details that are well-organized and thought out.

The winter home makeover can be an exciting event the whole family can participate in.


So, let us take a look at a few simple winter home makeover ideas.

Make small changes in terms of your furniture

One of the quickest and most effective changes you can make to create a fresh holiday look in any room is introducing new, smaller pieces of furniture into your living space. For instance, a new rug is an inexpensive way to add a completely different feel to your living room. Or, you can play around with pillowcases in different colors or patterns. Bring in a new lamp to enliven the room. Also, this holiday season decoration extravaganza might be the perfect time for you to reupholster your couch or other furniture, which will, in turn, bring completely new energy into your home.

Since trends in winter decoration change frequently but ever so slightly, you can even re-use some of your old decorations in new decorative constellations. All it takes is a keen eye for planning and a few versatile, effective decorative pieces.

You can repurpose the decoration that you already have to make new statement pieces.


Interior designers usually like to freshen up rooms by bringing in new curtains. Buying new curtains is something people hardly ever take into consideration when redecorating their home in winter. However, curtains can change the entire dynamic of the room, especially since you are able to play around with the colors, patterns, transparency, and shape of the curtains. In fact, curtains are very versatile - they can be the signature piece around which you can decorate the rest of the house, or they can be more neutral to balance out the variety of colors you intend to introduce into your living area.

Change the color scheme in your living space this year

If you are tired of the same old green, red, and an occasional silver, you might want to consider swapping the usual color scheme with another theme. This year, we are putting our money on purple as the festive color of the season. 

The deep, rich purple hues perfectly add that air of elegance and festivity to any living space. You can invest a small amount of money into purple-colored decorative elements to make a visual color story in your home. Match that with your classic, neutral, or earthy tones that are probably already dominant in your home, and you will get a stylish winter home that is uniquely you.

Purple is the perfect color for your winter home makeover.


If you cannot figure out how to do away with the holiday decorations that you currently have, there are several useful tips that will help you put them safely away until next year. Even if you got tired of your old Christmas decoration, this might only be a temporary sentiment. 

Change the number and positioning of your furniture and other items

If you are reluctant to spend too much money on new decorative elements, or you want to use the decoration that you already have, you can reorganize the furniture in your home instead. There is really no real reason to throw away your old Christmas decoration - you should safely store them in your cellar, basement, or attic; just make sure that these in-house storage spaces are free of mold.

Firstly, you can remove things you don’t need and place them in storage during the winter, or you can reposition them. For instance, you can temporarily clear away pieces such as your dining table, armchairs, couch, carpet, etc. This way, you will have more space to work with, and this change will inspire you to creatively incorporate your holiday decoration into your living space.

Life imitates art, art imitates life

No matter which of the two principles speak to you the most, art is an indispensable part of any home. Your blank walls are your black canvas, and you should use them to express yourself, especially now that you feel that it is finally time to freshen up your living space. Impactful artwork can tell stories about who you are as a person, your family values and history, and capture memories, experiences, and feelings in a non-intrusive way. 

If you are an artistic person, a winter home makeover might get those creative juices flowing and inspire you to create your own artwork in the cold winter months. So, you could paint a picture around a particular motif to recap your year. You could create a figurine or a sculpture that you can place in the room strategically to spark conversations when you invite people over. If you are not particularly inclined towards art, you can do a good deed and support your local artists by buying one of their paintings, sculptures, or graphics.

Essentially, the primary purpose of redecorating your place is to bring a change into your life. So, alongside changes in your surroundings, you can use this winter to bring about changes in your internal world as well. Hopefully, these simple winter home makeover ideas have inspired you to make a move and make way for a fresh new start of the year.



Courtesy of Sophia Perry