You are the smart ones as you prefer comparison while taking any decision and this is pretty normal behavior of a smart buyer. You tend to find your right home and checking out every possible source to end up getting the best result. You must compare, but one thing you have to remember that, without having the proper knowledge and enough experience it’s almost impossible to get the maximum result.             

Regardless, this is your first time or tenth, you need support while comparing between the two or among the many homes. Discuss with the best realtor, the one you trust, the one who belongs to the respective area where you are interested to buy your dream home. You will find the true natives, the one who knows every pros and cons of the Real Estates near Myrtle Beach. Just go through this link:

Let’s compare today between a single-family-home and condos, for your maturity in the decision.  

     Single Family Home Myrtle Beach     

Single-family home:                                                   

If you are a freedom lover, if you need the maximum privacy, if you want your world free from any interference, your option is a single-family-home. You are the king here to rule, to customize your kingdom, nobody will bother you.      

This type of home is built in a single lot, with no shared walls. It may have a garage attached or detached. If you care about your family and privacy, it better for you to choose 3 bedrooms home near Myrtle Beach to enjoy the oceanfront heaven. You just need to go through this link:  

You have your private front space and backyard that you can design in your own fashion. Pets are welcome as no restrictions are valid here against you. You will have more resell value than condos and townhomes.

The cons that you have to acknowledge as well are: you bear all the liabilities and responsibilities. The floors are yours, the walls are yours, and the roofing and plumbing are yours, so you are the one to take care of all of them. If there are any defects found, you are the one to mend and fix. You will not find somebody else to share your maintenance costs. 

Condos of Myrtle Beach

Condominium or ‘Condos’:     

Condominiums are a single unit within a larger building or community. This home type shares a wall or two with other units and generally come with homeowners association. They are popular in urban areas, especially where there are many shops and restaurants. Minimal responsibility is the beauty of this type. You share the building so you don’t worry about the whole building.        

The community and the association are out there to take care of the maintenance cost. The additional benefits of condos you may enjoy are: you may have access to the gym, lounge area, pools, and other amenities. In single-family-home you might not get these types of facilities you get in condos.         

On the other hand, in this option you have less privacy as you share the building; you have to be satisfied with limited freedom. You can’t rule over this territory because you are not the only one. There are restrictions you may face. You may not welcome your pets; you may have limited accessibility in some cases.  You can’t design your home however you want. The homeowners association restricts your freedom.              

After all, your needs and affordability define your decision. You know better which option fits your best. But the best guideline you get from our experienced team: