TheTale Of Vampires In South Carolina 

South Carolina is widely known for having an abundance of ghosts and haunted places. Whether those instances are real is up to interpretation by each of us. But for a moment, let’s set aside those ghosts and goblins and turn our attention to a part of folklore you hear less about in the Palmetto State: vampires. Our research into the history (and presence) of vampires in South Carolina led us to an astounding discovery on the Internet. It was a transcript of sorts for an interview conducted by a person using the name Thomas Byers. Byers had interviewed a real, live vampire from South Carolina and here’s some of his story:

All information in this article was obtained from this published interview with Peter, conducted by a Thomas Byers. It’s a fascinating transcript from the interview, and includes some shocking answers to questions we’d probably all love to ask a real live vampire. Check it out.

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