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The United States is such a big country that we often fail to appreciate the little details of each state that comprise it. When you consider the 50 states, plus DC, plus territories like Puerto Rico, the United States is a huge country filled with such an incredibly diverse culture, landscape, and history. With all of this in mind, we thought it would be nice to give you a quick glimpse into our beautiful state by giving you a quick list of 10 fun facts about South Carolina! Hopefully these quick and fun little pieces of knowledge teach you a thing or two about our state, whether you live, are visiting, or want to move to South Carolina!


1.     South Carolina Produces More Peaches Than Georgia

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Georgia may be called the peach state, but the true ruler of the peaches is South Carolina! Our beautiful climate and extremely fertile soil make fantastic conditions for running orchards, and farmers have absolutely taken notice. All throughout the rolling South Carolina countryside you will come across sprawling orchards filled with big, juicy peaches. While California actually grows the most peaches in the country, South Carolina comes in second place growing over  three times as many peaches as Georgia. Next time you are in South Carolina, be sure to grab a piece of fresh peach cobbler!


2.     South Carolina’s Nickname is the Palmetto State

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Every state has its nickname, and for South Carolina that nickname is the Palmetto State! Now, what exactly is a palmetto, anyway? A Palmetto is a type of palm tree, or fan palm, that is located throughout the Americas all the way down to Brazil. South Carolina is famous for having a large amount of them, and they can be seen all over the place, often lining streets! The nickname actually comes from a battle during the Revolutionary War, where the colonial troops fought off a British battalion at a fort made out of Palmetto logs. After the victory, the name just stuck!


3.     South Carolina has its Own Monkey Colony

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What is a monkey colony, anyway? Basically, in 1979 a bunch of scientists unleashed 1,400 monkeys on Morgan Island, which is located just off the coast of South Carolina. They put them there in the hopes of creating a new natural habitat for them and then eventually using them for research. Now, over 40 years later the monkey colony has almost tripled in size to over 4,000 monkeys! While humans are not allowed on the island in hopes to protect the monkeys and their new habitat, you can take a boat ride from St. Helena Island that loops around the island and offers the chance to see the monkeys in the wild!


4.     South Carolina was the Place Where the Civil War Began


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This may be less of a fun fact and more of a general tidbit of history knowledge, but people often forget that the American Civil War did not start in a place like Maryland or Virginia – it started on the coast of South Carolina! While the Civil War marks a very sad era of American history, it is undoubtedly one of the most important events our country has ever lived through. Fort Sumpter, located off of the coast of Charleston, was built to protect the coast from invaders. When it was being built, people expected it would be used to fight off pirates – not their fellow countrymen from the north!


5.     South Carolina is Named After a Man

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Surprise, right? Nowadays, the name Carolina tends to be seen as feminine and is used to name girls. And to be fair, it is a very pretty name. Who wouldn’t name their daughter Carolina! However, this femininity was not the case in the 17th century. Both of the Carolinas are actually named after King Charles I of England, who founded them. Carolina comes from the name “Carolus,” which is the Latin way to say Charles. It feels slightly conceited to name new territories after yourself, but I feel like using your first name instead of your last name is a whole new level of arrogance. Oh well – he lost them soon enough anyway! Regardless, next time you think of the Carolinas, remember King Charles I!




Thanks for reading our post with 5 fun facts about South Carolina! We hope you learned a little something about South Carolina and remember some of these things on your next trip to our beautiful state. South Carolina is a state filled with many things – history, monkeys, peaches, and more – and there are endless new corners to explore in our beautiful state. While people come for the beaches, they stay for the people, lifestyle, and natural beauty that abounds within South Carolina’s borders. On your next trip to South Carolina if you are looking for something other to do than head to the beach, try checking out some of the other great things our state has to offer. South Carolina has wonderful beaches – so good that we ourselves call them home – but there is so much more to our Palmetto state, and she is calling your name!


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Written by Greg