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Tips for buying a waterfront property in SC


Having a home overlooking the ocean or a lake is the dream of many. The peaceful view you can look at whenever you feel nervous or stressed is undoubtedly therapeutic. There are several places to look for one of these in South Carolina, with Charleston leading the SC real estate market. Waterfront properties sales are on the rise, so if you’re thinking about it, you should be prepared. Here are some tips on buying a waterfront property in SC to ensure the best investment ever.

The position of waterfront properties 

When you decide to buy a property near a body of water, you need to be very clear about what you want, as not all waterfront properties are the same. They vary in how ‘deep’ they go - deepwater properties will allow you to have a boat and a dock at all times. The water is constantly moving, so some properties might be away from the actual water at times. Also, you should know the clear difference between:

  • Waterfront property – ideally, the property’s land has direct access to water, which sometimes includes a small beach, a dock, etc.

  • Waterview property – this kind of property doesn’t have direct access to water but usually has a fantastic view. The best thing about these is that they are more affordable, so you can still be close to the water and without paying premium prices;

  • Water access property – the mix of the previous two are properties with water access. This implies you don’t have private direct access to water, but you can reach it using a beach, pier, or simply a path. These are used by other neighbors, too, so the access to water is not entirely private.


Remember: if you are looking for a house with a dock, make sure you investigate that in detail. Docks are under restriction of the Office of Coastal Resource and Management, and sometimes there are strict rules about the length or position. They are also in charge of how close the homes are positioned to the shore, so building a new property needs to go according to the rules as well. 

Types of water

Waterfront property means you can choose among the homes located near the ocean, river, or lake. Also, some water bodies are not necessarily big but can be equally enjoyable, such as ponds or tidal creeks. All of these can be found in South Carolina, so make sure you talk to your agent and decide what you are looking for. Your agent should have a clear idea of your preferences so that the search can be successful. Finally, make sure you visit the property before making any decisions. Walk around and see how much access to water you will have and whether you can imagine yourself living or spending your vacations there. 

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Hire a knowledgeable agent 

While we’re still on the topic of agents, we can’t forget to mention that you should find a knowledgeable one. Look for a specialist that has enough experience with waterfront properties. Check their testimonials, the services they provide, and other details. Waterfront experts will be able to introduce you to all the peculiarities of such properties and notice potential problems with certain homes. It’s best to ask around and get a recommendation from friends or co-workers who recently bought a waterfront property. This is the best way to get in touch with someone professional.

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Consider the disadvantages, too

It’s great to own waterfront property. However, this comes with a set of potential problems and additional maintenance compared to a typical home. Waterfront properties come with the risk of flooding, mildew, corrosion due to high levels of salt in the air, water damage of the exterior, etc. However, these don’t need to be a big problem if you’re aware of the risks in the first place. This can help you be more careful about the maintenance of the house and take good care of it to avoid problems.

Bonus tip: the best way to find out the pros and cons of the homes in an area is to talk to locals. Neighbors can give you the best insight into what it’s like to live there. They can share their experience and provide you with advice on maintaining your property

Moving into your new home

After buying a waterfront property in SC, you will have to organize the relocation. There’s a lot to consider – from the best date to move to packing and hiring a moving company. The best advice is to take your time and make sure you understand the details of the moving contract. Safety comes first, so be sure to hire trustworthy pros and read even the smallest letters in the documents you sign. 

Reducing the number of moving boxes

Moving into a new home is the perfect moment to revise your household and check if some items are no longer needed. Have a detailed decluttering session before you start packing, and you can expect to spend less time, energy, and money on this relocation.

Transportation of your belongings

Another decision you need to make when moving is how to transport your belongings to the new waterfront property in SC. You can either rent a moving truck or hire movers to do it. Consider the cost-effectiveness, the time and energy you’ll need to do all the moving tasks so you can decide what’s best. However, letting someone experienced help has proven to be less risky and more beneficial for most people. 

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Take your time adjusting to the new home

Buying a waterfront property in SC, organizing the move, and dealing with all sorts of tasks along the way may leave you no time to appreciate your new home. Take your time adjusting to the new environment, explore the coastal décor preferences, and make this home a sanctuary with the perfect view.

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