If we can recall the time before COVID-19 pandemic, life had its own natural flow, and people had plans to move to a new state, whether for a new home or a new job or just to have a relaxed life after retirement. But certainly, all our plans became uncertain due to the strong breakout of coronavirus. Property sales have come to a standstill. Especially buyers, sellers, and brokers faced new hurdles in the form of government orders that restriction in t business activities and the number of people allowed to gather in one place.

But as a realtor, we believe if we can face the crisis today we can stand up tomorrow. Relators are now started to apply new techniques in conducting business. Such as over the phone or electronically. As instructed by health officials House closings were taking place from the six-foot distance but now are done remotely. In-person property demonstrations are becoming rare. Agents are using technology any way they can to keep the process rolling, such as making virtual tours available online.  Virtual property tours have given a-way through restrictions on-site visits during the Corona Virus pandemic

Though real estate companies are struggling to adapt to a new business environment with reduced person-to-person contact attitudes have changed significantly in just a few months. Most of the brokers and agents are conducting work from home, and many are doing business remotely. Residential agents are giving virtual tours of properties and guiding clients to online listings.

There are many buyers and sellers that just can’t pause because they have immediate housing needs also, they don’t want to miss the low interest-rate opportunity

So, we Boyed team are conducting virtual tours of Myrtle Beach residences via Zoom meeting and other comparable technologies such as an electronic signature. So clients can sign important documents electronically.

Our professionals are working hand-in-hand with our clients and finding ways to manage through these difficult days to keep moving forward by modifying meeting protocols, touring properties with smaller groups. At the same time, we are obeying to important public health restrictions and approvals.