5 Reasons to Visit Myrtle Beach During the Spring

Myrtle Beach is one of the most popular vacation destinations on the east coast. From its gorgeous beaches to its acclaimed seafood buffets, the Myrtle Beach area has squarely solidified its place among other top American beach cities, like Cocoa Beach, Hilton Head, and the Outer Banks. 

As Myrtle Beach is most popular as a family vacation destination, most visitors arrive during the summer months. While the summer is certainly a wonderful time to visit the Grand Strand, it is not the only time. 

Myrtle Beach and the entire Grand Strand are lovely areas during the shoulder seasons. This is especially true during the spring. This post will contain five reasons to visit South Carolina in the spring instead of the summer. 


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1. The Crowds Are Smaller


By far, the biggest advantage to visiting Myrtle Beach in the spring is the diminished crowd size. Myrtle Beach is a major tourist hub, hosting millions of visitors each year. The city itself is not actually that large, and things can get pretty congested when the crowds roll in. 

To be honest, that’s an understatement. The city’s roads weren’t designed to handle such large amounts of vehicles at ones, and the traffic can move very slowly during the peak season. As the main road through the area is residential and dotted with traffic lights, getting from Surfside Beach to North Myrtle Beach can be a tall task around dinner time. 

The large crowds are mostly concentrated in the summer. While the area receives tourists all year, the vast majority of them come during the summer months, and this season experiences congestion like no other. If you visit Myrtle Beach in the spring, you likely will not have to worry about bad traffic or large crowds!


2. The Lines Are Shorter

This point flows logically from the first one. Smaller crowds almost always mean shorter lines at the area’s top attractions, venues, and restaurants. This is especially crucial in Myrtle Beach, and the lines in the peak season can be absurd.

During the summer, places like Crabby Mike’s and the Carolina Roadhouse might have wait times near two hours. The same can be said about the water slides at the best waterparks in Myrtle Beach and the other too entertainment venues in the area. Visiting during the spring almost always means that lines will be significantly shorter, if they even exist at all. 


3. Hotel Prices Are Lower

While the first two points are all about convenience, visiting Myrtle Beach in the spring is also good for your budget. Myrtle Beach can be pricey for tourists over the summer, as the hotels and other accommodation venues all know that it is their time to capitalize on the high demand. 

This demand surges over the summer but drops drastically the rest of the year. As the demand for hotel rooms goes down, so do the costs of staying in them. Visiting Myrtle Beach in the summer can mean savings of hundreds of dollars over the course of a week. 

These reduced hotel prices can mean several things. You could opt to stay in a nicer hotel for the same price as you’d pay in a lower-quality hotel in the summer. Or, you could choose to save the money on accommodation and spend it exploring the area and feasting in its top restaurants! In either case, saving hundreds of dollars is always a good thing.


4. The Weather Can Still Be Beautiful

Myrtle Beach weather in July is great. The sun is always shining, the sea breeze feels nice, and the conditions are usually great for a day on the beach. 

While this is not always the case in the spring, the spring weather is still quite pleasant. Early spring months are usually too cold to take a dip in the ocean, but the weather is still usually nice enough to lay out on the beach and get a tan! Once April and May arrive, the area warms up significantly and the weather is very enjoyable. 


5. You Can Experience the Area as a Local


Arguably the best advantage to visiting Myrtle Beach in the spring is that you get to experience the charm of the city that locals see when the peak season ends. This city is filled with life and culture, and its truest colors shine brightly once the millions of vacationers go home. 

As Myrtle Beach realtors, we know this quite well. The city takes on an entirely different persona over the summer, and the all-surrounding relaxed vibes of the fall and spring are what make many people want to live in the Grand Strand. 

If you find yourself thinking about relocating to Myrtle Beach or buying a second home in the area, you know who to call! 

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Thanks for reading our post with five reasons to visit Myrtle Beach in the spring. While the droves of tourists tend to visit in the summer, the spring truly can be a fantastic time to visit Myrtle Beach. The summer is a very hectic time in the area, and the spring offers visitors a much more relaxed and tranquil experience. This experience is often what makes people move here and stay here for the long term!

Myrtle Beach has blossomed into an incredible place to live throughout the year, and each year the area seems to grow even more. If you’re thinking about moving to South Carolina, especially somewhere in the Grand Strand, visiting during the offseason is a must. You’re sure to love it!


If you visit Myrtle Beach or any other place in South Carolina and fall in love, we’re here to help. We at The Boyd Team are committed to helping you find the right property for your needs and dreams. Any question that you have about moving to the area and finding your dream home by the beach is our pleasure to answer. Feel free to send us an email at eddie@boydteam.com or text or call us at (843) 222-8566, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Being true natives of the Grand Strand and Horry County and with over 25 years of experience in the local real estate market, whether buying or selling, we can help you make your dreams a reality.  

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