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What You Need to Know Before Buying Oceanfront Property

Most of us fantasize about having a house on the beach. To wake up to the sound of the waves, walk down the beach, and swim in the ocean. It all sounds lovely, doesn’t it? But, are you sure that a beach house is really what you want or need? To help you decide, here is what you need to know before buying oceanfront property

You are investing

When you buy oceanfront property, you are investing. A house on the beach is not only a great place to live. If you stay there only from time to time, it’s also a good place to rent. Tourists are always looking to rent nice houses as close to the beach as possible. Not to mention that these properties tend to grow in value over time. So, if you find an oceanfront house at a reasonable price, don’t think twice. It is, first of all, a great investment

Do some research

Before deciding to buy oceanfront property, do some research. Make sure you are choosing the best location for your future home. For example, check out the neighborhood. Is it a good place to raise children or to own a pet? See if there are schools, hospitals, and shops nearby. Furthermore, ensure you have easy access to the ocean. That is the main purpose of owning an oceanfront property, after all

Insurance costs

The cost of insurance is also what you need to know before buying oceanfront property. Generally, waterfront properties have higher costs for insurance because of the flood risk. Moreover, some properties require up to three types of insurance. For instance, one for wind, the second for flood, and the third as a general hazard policy. That is why you should check the requirements and costs before signing a contract.

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Have a home inspection

To make sure you are buying a secure home, the best thing you can do is to call in a home inspector. Oceanfront houses can easily flood, and water can damage the foundation or the electrical system. Not to mention the mold that can appear and wood structures that can require repair. A home inspector can tell you if there were any floods and how often you can expect them to happen. Knowing all there is to know about the state of the property is essential before buying.

Hidden costs

When buying oceanfront property, people make the mistake of not researching if there are hidden costs. We already mentioned insurance, but there are also other aspects to take into consideration. For example, you need to find out who owns the shoreline. Sometimes, the municipality owns it, so you need a lease contract. Moreover, you need to pay property taxes, which are usually more expensive for waterfront homes.


The property’s connection to utilities is another example of potential hidden costs. Because some oceanfront houses are in isolated areas, they may require connection to electricity, cable, or water. Therefore, find out if there is access to public utilities, and if not, how much it would cost you to bring these services to your area. Also, you need road access to your future home. Once you embark on your long-distance move, you will need help getting your belongings there, so make sure you have an already built road. The cost of building one can be very high and might not be worth the investment

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An oceanfront property means responsibility

Another common mistake people make before buying a property is not checking if they will be part of the homeowners’ association. Owning an oceanfront house is not only a dream come true but also a responsibility. For instance, you might have to maintain the property in a specific manner. That can include the house’s color, putting up a fence, and taking care of the bulkhead. Equally important is to know if other property owners in the area can have access to the ocean through your property. It wouldn’t be nice to wake up to unwanted visitors on your piece of land

Working with a real estate agent

Working with an expert will make your oceanfront property hunt easier. Because of the high value of such properties, having a real estate agent working for you will help you find the right home at the right price. Ask your real estate agent about the neighborhood, local businesses, and future development plans in the area. Also, a good agent can give you important information about flood incidence. For example, how frequently they occur and the worst damage you should prepare for. 

Get to know your neighbors

When it comes to moving, your future neighbors are a fantastic source of information on all you need to know before buying oceanfront property. They should know everything about the area. Firstly, ask them how long they have lived there and what issues they encountered. Secondly, inquire whether they live there all year round and if they know anything about your property. And lastly - is there anything they wish they knew before moving there? All this information can help you decide if that property is the one you should buy

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Moving into your dream house

After all the research, you found the perfect oceanfront property. Your dream house is waiting for you to move in. All you have left to do is to find reliable movers to help you relocate. To make the best decision, experts from verifiedmovers.com recommend comparing multiple moving companies. This way, you make sure you receive the best services tailored to your needs. Let the professionals do all the hard work while you enjoy your first swim in the ocean

In conclusion

Buying oceanfront property is not all fun and games. There are serious matters that you should look into before making any decisions. For example, there are possible hidden costs. Not only should you prepare for them, but you should know about them in advance. To make sure you avoid unpleasant situations, follow our tips, and you should be able to enjoy your new home in no time! 


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