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Moving from New York to South Carolina: How to Prepare

Moving is not to be taken lightly, so it is best to know how to approach the task properly. Interstate moves are especially tricky since you will be leaving your home state and everything you are familiar with. So, we have prepared a guide on moving from New York to South Carolina to help you handle the challenges of a move.

Account for the difference in weather

When relocating from New York to South Carolina, many people forget to account for weather differences. Compared to looking for a new home, this can seem like a trivial thing. Still, it can make your moving day very uncomfortable, not to mention the first few days after moving. New York is typically quite cold, and the temperatures are on the lower side. South Carolina, on the other hand, is the exact opposite. If you are not prepared for it, dealing with sweltering weather on your moving day can even cause heat stroke and other health issues when combined with stress and high levels of activity.

Do not stress over costs

There is one thing that will blow you away once you are finally in your new home state: the cost of living. Moving from New York to South Carolina can feel like moving to an entirely different world. While New York has some of the highest overall prices in the entirety of the United States, South Carolina is the polar opposite. Every aspect of life is cheaper here, including, of course, the housing prices. This lack of concern over prices will make it easier for you to look for the best interstate moving companies. You will be able to spare some money and find reliable assistance for your move. Reliable moving companies are worth their weight in gold, as they can help you relocate your items without too much stress.

Start planning well in advance

It would be a lie to say you can’t organize a move, even when moving from New York to South Carolina, in a few days. However, the process would be rushed, stressful, full of pitfalls, and likely much more expensive than it ought to have been. If you want to secure the best movers, protect all your belongings from getting lost or damaged, and properly handle the tasks you need to complete before moving, you must start organizing months ahead of your moving day. It is also crucial to set a date at the start and stick to it, barring catastrophic problems in your private life.

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Take some time to talk to your kids

The ones who experience the most stress and uncertainty over a move are not adults. We can rationalize what is happening and act accordingly. However, children are hit much harder when they are suddenly being forced to move. When preparing to move to South Carolina with kids, you need to take the time to reassure them. It is highly recommended that you start doing so well in advance. Give them time to acclimate to the idea and try to stoke their curiosity about it. Instead of being worried or even afraid of the move, they can approach the idea with enthusiasm and anticipation. It will not make parting with friends and previous home easier, but it will help them get over it quicker.

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Scope out your future home in advance

There is, unfortunately, a lot that you can’t really learn about a home, neighborhood, and not a city when researching from a different state. Your knowledge about your future home will likely come from pictures or a virtual tour and the house inspection meant to ensure there are no things that often fail a home inspection to be found on the property. And even if you’ve done your research and know about the stores, schools, parks, and such in the area, it is all just theoretical knowledge. It is wiser to organize at least one trip to your future home state. You can spend a day getting acquainted with the place where you will shortly be living. This way, you can avoid confusion and problems that can pop up immediately after your move, including getting lost in your own neighborhood.

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Know what you need to handle before moving

A move starts well before the actual moving day. If you have hired a reliable relocation company such as Roadway Moving, there’s a lot that you will need to do before they arrive at your home, ready for a day of packing and carrying boxes. A part of this comes down to the tasks that need to be completed before leaving New York. Namely, this is:


  • Notifying your children’s school and retrieving school records.

  • Getting your family’s medical records.

  • Changings your address in advance.

  • Rerouting all your mail and subscriptions to your new address.


Naturally, there are a few other things you may want to do before leaving. Such as properly notifying your friends and neighbors and securing ways to keep in touch. However, if you do not want to get into a serious mess once you’ve arrived at your new home, you want to do the previously listed things on time.

What to do upon arrival

Of course, when relocating from New York to South Carolina, there are also important things to do as soon as you can once you’ve arrived at your new home. These would be:


  • Having your home’s utilities turned back on.

  • Going through your house to find the light switches, water valves, and power switches.

  • Unpacking the essentials.

  • Getting further acquainted with your neighborhood.


The final point is crucial for your kids. If they are in an unknown environment, they will feel much safer and more comfortable quickly if they know how to get home.

Take time to de-stress

The final thing to keep in mind when moving to South Carolina from New York is the need to relax. The process of moving is stressful, and both your mind and body will suffer from it. So, take some time to enjoy the beauty of your new home! Explore the museums, eateries, and nature of South Carolina. Embrace your new home and find reasons to love it. It will help you settle in and wash away the fatigue and stress you have accumulated.

Final Words

Now that you’ve read through our moving from New York to South Carolina guide, we hope you have a better idea of what’s waiting for you and how to prepare. Just take things slow, share the burden with your family, and do not stress yourself too much. We are sure you will do just fine!


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