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Ample sunlight, fertile soil, attractive landscaping, and well-maintained features are a part of what homebuyers should look for in a garden.

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There are many things you need to think about before buying a new home. For garden lovers looking to buy a new property, the outdoor area is just as important as the inside of a house. In the best-case scenario, they can find a garden in perfect condition, but usually, there are some issues. You need to be aware of many things and consider everything carefully before deciding whether you'll buy a home or not. Here's what homebuyers should look for in a garden.

Ample sunlight and fertile soil 

If possible, you should visit a home you're interested in buying at several points during the day. So, you'll see how the sun reaches each part of the yard. Check the orientation of the house. If you can see the flourishing garden on-site, that means that the yard gets adequate sun and has fertile soil.

Attractive landscaping

Homeowners tend to update the landscaping to boost curb appeal for home staging purposes before the sale. However, you need to check if the plants are too close together for long-term growth or if they are inappropriate for the climate. Any landscaping should be done thoughtfully. Look at the usual softscape features:

  • Shrubs

  • Grass

  • Flowers

  • Fruits and vegetables

Caption: Attractive landscaping is what homebuyers should look for in a garden.

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Well-maintained features

Beautiful softscaping is not the only thing that homebuyers should look for in a garden. Permanent features should also be inspected thoroughly. All the hardscaping should be in good condition and well-maintained. You should check:

  • Walkways and paths

  • Driveways

  • Retaining walls

  • Patio

  • Fence

  • Decks

  • Benches

  • Water features – fountains, the swimming pool, etc.

  • Pergola/Arbor/Gazebo

  • Outdoor kitchen

  • Fireplace

  • Sprinkler Systems

If the hardscape features are well maintained, do you like their design as well? Keep in mind that a complete remodeling of your home and changing some of these features may take a lot of your time, and it will probably cost you a significant sum of money.

Garden shed

Everybody who spends time in their garden needs a sturdy shed with enough space to store garden tools, equipment, and supplies. You must check if the shed is in good overall condition. A shed should be large enough, with a door that latches.

Potting area 

Gardeners love to work in the open. Therefore, you should look for a sheltered outdoor potting area with room for a work surface, easy-to-maintain flooring, and a tap within reach.

Healthy trees 

Healthy, regularly maintained trees are what homebuyers should look for in a garden. Furthermore, you want to avoid buying a garden with sick, neglected, or improperly pruned trees. They are expensive to treat, and sometimes they even have to be removed. If you hope for a low-maintenance yard, you probably don't want a lot of trees that drop their leaves in fall - leaves you'll have to rake.

Caption: Healthy trees improve air quality and provide shade to your yard.

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No poisonous or invasive plants

Avoid any toxic plants, as they can be dangerous to you, your kids, or pets. Check if there are any plants that you (or anyone from your family) are allergic to. Look for invasive plants as well. If the yard has been well-maintained, you probably won't find any. However, if there's some wild space on the edge of the property, there could be some invasive plants. If that's not eradicated on time, it can easily and quickly invade the rest of the property. Some of the most common invasive plant species in the U.S. are:

  • Purple Loosestrife

  • Japanese Honeysuckle

  • Japanese Barberry

  • Norway Maple

  • English Ivy

  • Kudzu

If you're unsure how to recognize invasive plant species and other issues with plants and trees, you can bring an arborist with you when looking at a potential property.

Good irrigation system 

A good irrigation system is crucial. It saves your time, and it usually uses less water than watering by hand. If the home you are considering has an irrigation system, that's a big plus. However, you must give it a thorough test and check if it functions properly.

Greenhouse or conservatory

An elaborate conservatory attached to the house or a greenhouse in the garden may be very important to a serious gardener. They offer protection for young plants and shelter for sensitive overwintering plants. If the property doesn't have these features, is there enough space to add them? Some gardeners need a lot of room to cultivate a large number of seedlings each spring. Check if there is a sunroom as well.

If a property is missing these features, don't rush into buying a home that doesn't meet your standards. You may regret it very soon, and it will bother you in the long run. If you're not in a hurry to move, go and see a few more homes. It will also give you time to make sure you have found the right movers and organize your relocation with reliable experts so your new life begins on the right foot. Some features are crucial to have, so don't make compromises on them, and you'll eventually find the property that meets your needs.

Critter-proof fencing 

If you plan to move to an area where wild animals are prevalent, you should look for the already installed fencing. Speak with the homeowner about the types of animals that can be spotted around the property. Check if they know any methods that help in keeping the critters away from tender plants.

Garden is a place to enjoy 

Everybody needs a place to enjoy their garden and their work. It can be a spacious veranda, an outdoor dining room, or any other comfortable area where you can relax after a hard day.

If the garden you’re looking at is spacious enough, obviously well-maintained, with all the crucial features that you wanted, go for it! When you close the deal, it’s time for one more big step – moving. Be sure to check the ratings of the company you have chosen on USA Moving Reviews and you will arrive at your new property stress-free. Once you unpack your belongings, you probably won't waste any time, and you'll head straight to your new garden. That's where you'll find the peaceful setting and the best relaxation.

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Final words

There are many things on the list of what homebuyers should look for in a garden, and maybe you'll need to make some small compromises. However, if you have enough time and patience, it's possible to find your dream home and all that you wished for in one property. Good luck with your search!


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